The award winning weight management programme 



What is Metabolic Balance®?


Metabolic Balance® was created by Doctors and Nutritionists in Germany, and is backed up by 25 years of research. Over 400,000 programmes have been generated for clients around the world and  Metabolic Balance® won the "Medical Wellness Award" in 2009. In 2010 a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism concluded that relevant blood parameters and health related quality of life (HRQOL) on the Metabolic Balance programme improved significantly. In recent years the Metabolic Balance® programme has also amassed some celebrity clients.



Metabolic Balance® is a FOUR STEP programme based on the results of a simple blood test. A personal nutritional programme is tailored to suit your metabolic requirements, and is unique to you. Your individual plan has a balancing effect on your metabolism by regulating healthy insulin secretion. Metabolic Balance® re-establishes your natural fat burning processes, and gives your metabolism a kick start.


Why choose Metabolic Balance®?


- An entirely personal and unique programme will be developed for your exact requirements, based on analysis of your blood test and data- no two plans are the same.

- You receive one to one coaching to guide, support and motivate you towards reaching your goal.

- No gimmicks, just 3 meals every day from your personal food list.

- Only body fat is lost, not tissue and muscle.

- Once your metabolism has been reprogrammed long term weight loss is maintained by adopting the Metabolic Balance principles, so no yo-yo effect is experienced.


After recieving your personalised plan Louise will guide you through the four phases of the Metabolic Balance® programme.


4 Simple Steps


Step 1 begins with a gentle detoxification for 2 days. 

Step 2 lasts for 2 weeks or more. During this phase (the strictest) your body receives vital and essential nutrients. Clients experience improvements in energy and well being. This is a transformation phase where the body is being re-adjusted to burn fat for fuel, therefore exercise is not encouraged during this phase.

Step 3 is more relaxed and additonal foods are introduced, even allowing the occasional treat. During this more relaxed phase clients report further improvements to well being and weight loss, in addition to losing cravings for particular foods that they previously ate. Exercise is re-introduced at this stage, based on what is appropriate for the client.

Step 4 is the on-going maintenance phase where you adopt the prinicples and make them work for your life, in order to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism.


Who is the programme for?


Whilst weight loss is the main side effect of the Metabolic Balance® programme it can also help symptoms associated with the following conditions:

Type 2 Diabetes

High blood pressure

High cholesterol



Sugar and fat metabolism disorders

Liver/gall bladder issues


Skin disorders







What is the cost and what does it include?


-A comprehensive blood test can be taken on the premises at the Marlow clinic or The Doctors Laboratory in London.

- Blood test analysis

- A completely unique and personal Nutritional Plan.

- 6 consultations over a minimum of 3 months*, to support you through the process.

- Body composition analysis, which includes BMI, fat %, metabolic indicators, visceral fat levels, physique rating and muscle mass. This is a good tool for tracking your process, and helps to motivate you.

The cost of the programme is £850 payable up front and includes all of the above.

N.B. Cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice will incur a £25 fee, or will  count as one of your appointments. 

* All 6 appointments must be taken within a maximum of 12 months.

Maintenance sessions

Ad- hoc follow on appointments are £55 for up to an hour. Many clients like to do this a couple of times a year to stay on track. 


For a no obligation telephone or face to face chat to see if Metabolic Balance® is right for you, please  e-mail to schedule a suitable time to talk.

Hear what clients have to say.....

"My reason for choosing MB were two fold, one obviously I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to address any health issues that were food related, so this programme was perfect. "   Roz

"It is not easy, but my gut is gone and i feel fantastic"- Ed

" I was stuck in a rut and had tried everything, but I couldn't seem to make anything work. My blood test results were very sobering, and this was the motivation I really needed to change my lifestyle once and for all. Louise talked to me about the importance of prevention rather than cure, and I realised that to continue in my old ways would surely mean a path to ill health in the future. I am happy to say that I have reached my goal and am now on the maintenance phase. I feel like a different person- I have so much energy instead of feeling lethargic all the time, and I am enjoying cooking from scratch rather than relying on ready meals. Louise was a great support, and encouraged and motivated me at every step. Having the personalised programme and the one to one coaching is what's made the difference for me and set Metabolic Balance® apart from the rest. I really couldn't have done it without her! ' Steve

"The principles of Metabolic Balance have enabled me to enjoyed life with renewed
enthusiasm and great physical side effects" Maria
"I am forever grateful to Louise who helped me to be happy and confident on my big day...Louise cares and is great and is great at what she does!" Silviya