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The Nutritional Expert can help you to look and feel your best on your big day!



What is Metabolic Balance®?
The Metabolic Balance® programme was developed by Doctors and Nutritionists in Germany, and is the culmination of over 25 years of research. It is well established in Germany, switzerland and Austria and was launched in the UK in 2008. Metabolic Balance® won the 'Medical Wellness' award in 2009, and has had a number of celebrity clients in recent years.
Metabolic Balance® is a four step programme based on the laboratory values from your blood test. This is not to be confused with the blood type diet. A personal nutritonal programme is developed for you that fits your individual metabolic profile. The programme re-establishes your natural fat burning processes and regulates insulin response, resulting in a more balanced metabolism.
Why choose Metabolic Balance®?
- You receive a completely tailored nutritional programme that is specific for your body, and unique to you!
- You receive one to one coaching to guide, motivate and suppport you towards reaching your goal
- No gimmicks, just 3 meals every day from your personal food list
- No food groups are eliminated
- It is tried and tested, with over 400,000 plans generated world-wide
What are the four steps? 
Step 1: The programme starts with a 2 day cleanse to prepare the body for the new regime. You will need to be at home for the first day.
Step 2: Step 4 is followed by a strict 14 day phase where you experience positive changes towards your weight and well being. During this phase the body is being trained to burn fat for fuel. This is not a time for eating out or going on holiday, because you will need to carfeully plan your meals and adhere only to the foods on your list.
Step 3:  A more relaxed phase which allows an extended list of foods and a 'treat meal' each week whilst reaching your goal.
Step 4: This phase is on-going. You will continue to follow the basic principles of Metabolic Balance® to maintain a healthy metabolism and maintain your new weight.
Results that you may achieve with Metabolic Balance®
Stabilised Weight
No yo-yo effect. Once your nutritional input has been changed, by following some simple rules you have the tools for mintaining optimum weight.
Beautiful Skin
Women in particular notice the rejuevenating effects of the programme. This is due to the muscle and connective tissue being preserved whilst excess fat is reduced.
Enhanced vitality and energy
The change in your diet promotes an increase in vitality and energy. 
What do previous clients say?
"The principles of Metabolic Balance have
enabled me to enjoyed life with renewed
enthusiasm and great physical side effects" Maria
"Being able to fit into my old clothes again really is
a brilliant feeling" Roz
"I am forever grateful to Louise who helped me to be happy 
and confident on my big day. The wedding was amazing and
more importantly i felt amazing! Louise cares and is great and 
is great at what she does!" Silviya
We have two 3-6 month packages specially designed for brides to be.
The Ruby Package
The ruby package will have you looking tip-top on your big day! We work together to reach your desired goal, so that you can feel confident and make the most of your special day.
What's Included?
- The cost of the blood test
- Your individual nutritional plan and food list
- 3-6 months support including 7 consultations
- Email and telephone support
- Body composition analysis, which includes BMI, fat %, metabolic idictators, visceral fat levels, physique rating and muscle mass. This is a good tool for tracking your process, and helps to motivate you
- mini goody bag
Price: £850
No extra cost just because it's your wedding- this is the basic price all our Metabolic Balance customers pay!
The Diamond Package
Sparkle on your wedding day with the diamond package!
This total body and mind package combines weight management with relaxation to help you de-stress in the run up to your big day.
What's Included?
- The cost of the blood test
- Your individual nutritional plan and food list
- 3-6 months support including 7 consultations
- Email and telephone support
- Body composition analysis
- The diamond package also provides a session designed to support the health of your skin, hair and nails
- Coaching on how to enjoy the honeymoon without compromising your good work
- The package also includes three 30 minute neck, back and shoulder massages plus your choice of three one hour acupuncture, reflexology or personal training sessions. The acupuncture/massage/reflexology sessions may be taken after the 3 month Metabolic Balance® programme has ended**
Price: £1,250
Consulations are held in Windsor and Marlow, but can be held at your home (within 50 miles) for an additional fee*. All packages must be started at least 6 months prior to the wedding day, and before the final dress fitting due to changes in weight.
 *   Initial consultation must be held at one of the clinic locations
**  The massage/acupuncture sessions must be taken within 6 months of the Metabolic Balance programme finishing